Santa Gives 50 Free Heated Jackets

Special Report. December 24th, 2019. 

Some weeks ago, ORORO gave a special mission to Santa. His mission was to give free heated jackets to 50 really cool friends. But he couldn't do this on his own. The only way he could accomplish this mission was with your help. 

Great news! The mission was accomplished and Santa could spread the gift of warmth this holiday season. 


These were the gifts given out by Santa: 


 1. From Randi to Greg

Heated Jacket Winner

"He is the most loving neighbor than anyone could imagine. He has spent over 6 hours cleaning up his neighbors' driveways and sidewalks today. This is not just a one-day occurrence. He is always thinking of others and lending a hand. I do fear that the winter cold could get to him since he is in his 70's so a heated coat would be very very helpful and useful in our Wisconsin winters."


2. From Michelle to Jerry

"My brother Jerry Titherington, sister in law, 12 & 17 yr old nephews could really use this visit from Santa. They lost their home & 2 vehicles in a devastating fire. My brother is a volunteer firefighter for over 25 years and has given to so many. It would be amazing to see him win this."


3. From Melody to Brook

"I would love for Brook to win one of these jackets, it would keep her stay warm and toasty while walking the dogs at the two shelters she volunteers for. 💕"


4. From Heidi to Ken

ORORO Heated Jacket

"Our prairie winters are super cold & a heated jacket to keep Ken super warm & toasty would fit the bill. Helps shovel neighbors snow, works outdoors, takes the kids skating & volunteers. Let's help Santa find him & bring him a heated jacket - PLEASE & THANKS."


5. From Greg to Bryana

"I think Bryana needs one as she is always outside while teaching and is always cold even in 70 degree weather."


6. From Barbara to Randy 


"I would really love for Randy to be able to win a FREE ORORO Heated Jacket. He is cattle farmer and has to be outside every day in all wind and weather caring for them. This jacket would be so perfect for him to slip on especially when it is -40 with the wind chill factor and he needs to be outside defrosting water lines etc. This jacket would be so awesome!"


7. From Sherry to Kaitlyn


"I think Kaitlyn Flemington should win a heated jacket because I love mine!"


8. From Ian to Daryl

"Daryl you need this to stay warm on your daily walks to work. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Quality! This is such an amazing thing you do. Not only are you selling my favourite heated jackets, but offering these amazing giveaways is awesome.🎅🎄🎁🎅🎄🎁 I always enjoy following your page. Thanks, ORORO Heated Apparel Keep up the great work! (y) Merry Christmas!! 🎅🎄🎁🎅🎄🎁"


9. From Norman to Jennifer


"Jennifer you need this so you won’t be freezing all the time!!"


10. From Cheri to Mimi

"An ORORO heated jacket would be perfect for Mimi and would be perfect for her visits back to the Midwest and they look great too."


11. From Patricia to Dana

"My little girl has lost so much weight she needs to have something warm to keep her from freezing. Drs look at why she has lost so much weight fingers crossed it's nothing serious but please keep her warm this year please she is my baby girl."


12. From Tamra to Connie (James)


"She is always thinking of others & deserves this cozy jacket." (So she gave it to her loving husband. :) )


13. From Kiki to Jordan

"For my son Jordan who has to walk his dogs 3-4 times a day in freezing weather!!!💜💙🌹💙"


14. From Lindsey to Will

"I would love for Will to have one of these heated jackets. He works long hours out in the cold and every Winter he stays sick. His family needs him to stay healthy because we love him!"


15. From Melanie to Brady

"Brady deserves to win a FREE heated jacket because he does snow removal, which is extremely long and freezing cold nights and he deserves to be warm out there!❤️"


16. From Tammra to Heather

"Heather, this is the jacket Mike and I own. Great customer service too. Just had to have mine replaced, and they were great. Could definitely use for those cold soccer, lacrosse, track outings for the kids. 😀"


17. From Shane to Albert

"Albert needs a heated Jacket from Santa, besides being a wonderful coach to kids in Woodburn and braving the cold, he also spends his nighttime's delivering goods to people in need!"


18. From LaCinda to Mya

"Please pick Mya, she will even sing Santa Baby for you."


19. From Shawna to Catherine

"Catherine needs a heated jacket to keep warm when she's out walking etc in this blistering cold weather."


20. From Shannon to Dawn

"Dawn who gets cold now watching her sons play soccer. She's a cancer survivor and deserves comfort!"


21. From Paige to Christy

"I'd like to nominate my best girl Christy. She is the most compassionate person I know. Christy serves her parents, daughter and The Lord. Her health isn't always that great but you'd never know it. She never complains yet continues to give. Because of Christy's HUGE heart and chronic illnesses I'd love to see her wrapped in warmth this Winter. Maybe just maybe this will keep her winter cough away. Thanks for this amazing opportunity!"


22. From Lacey to Rana

"I would give it to my friend Rana cause she is such a generous friend".


23. From Jennifer to Seyma


"Seyma, because she’s an awesome mom to her boys."


24. From Gus to Krista

"I would love to win them for my wife and 3 daughters... they don’t like winter and are always cold Janine, Alyssa, Krista, Ashley."


25. From Robert to Trinnie

"These would be perfect for all the Christmas light parades we go to, plus their good for ice fishing, don't you think Trinnie."


26. From April to Jill

"For all of us who brave the harsh Minnesota winters on the playground each and every school day! We do it for the kids :)."


27. From Leann to Lisa

"🎁🎅 🎄 Would be great for my beautiful youthful looking mom Lisa. Everyone thinks she is my sister! My mom had me when she was young so I've grown up as she has. She is definitely my best friend and I love spending time with her. She has always put our needs before her own. My mom has shown us the things we should put first. This is a great Christmas treat Lisa ! I Love it 🎄🎅🎄🎅🎄🎅 It's sure to make someone's day this holiday season! Liked and shared with pleasure!"


28. From Daniela to Diana

Daniela to Diana

"If she wins this jacket, she'll come and enjoy NYC because she won't be worried about the cold outside."


29. From Dianne to Andrea

"Andrea should win because she buys for her boys before herself. She deserves to be warm in a jacket when she walks the to school each day."


30. From Brenda to Doug


"Doug would be a FANTASTIC candidate for a heated jacket! Last year BOTH of our neighbor ladies on either side of our house lost their husbands unexpectedly. Doug got up very early every time it snowed (which was a RIDICULOUS amount) last winter to make sure that both of their driveways and sidewalks, along with our own, were shoveled and safe for them to walk on. He has already started doing the same this winter. Truly deserving! 😍"


31. From Shena to Patricia


"Patricia could really use an Ororo heated sweater because she gives her time by taking senior out and spending time with her by taking her to go see Santa with her dog along with the viewing of Christmas lights. She has to travel to her job every day in her cold car. A heated jacket would help her warm while headed to work. Thanks for the chance and the gift of giving."


32. From Nalane to Joseph

"Joseph needs a heated jacket, he gets very cold during the winter and this would come in handy."


33. From J.P. to Rachel

J.P. to Rachel

"I would give a jacket to my wife, Rachel, as she's walking 1/2 mile to and from my 4-year old's pre-K every day. She lives under a blanket at home all winter long. She would love a jacket! (I have a vest already!)"


34. From Angella to Brad

"Brad would love this. He is a delivery driver so he gets in and out of a truck all day starting at 3 am."


35. From Ray IV to Ray V

"My dad....  -- Now retired... 20 years US navy, 2 tours as a corpsman with MCB5 Vietnam, Dive team in the 70's. Electronics and medical repair tech into the 80's(3rd place in a bike race) Founded a volunteer rescue squad, went on to captain it 4 times+ supply sgt. too many times, helped them attain ALS rating and maintained a full als unit with one of the largest mountain districts and some of the best response times in the state. ALS, Shock trauma, Vertical rescue, and practiced as an RN at two hospitals for decades. ..and built his own house. Everything is now broken on this man. Buy him a heated jacket."


36. From Nicholas to Melissa

"Melissa should win a jacket because it doesn’t matter what jacket I get her she is always freezing. Even if she has a sweater and hoodie under it. Plus she is an awesome wife and mom. 😘"


37. From Erin to Allison 

Erin to Allison

"Allison you need this!! That car heated blanket has nothing on this heated vest !! I love mine 😍 #ororo. Please let her win or she will “borrow” mine 😋"


38. From Christina to Lucy

Lucy Reynolds

"My mother Lucy is someone I think deserves this. She has fibromyalgia and the cold makes her fibromyalgia flare-up. She is a very selfless human. She does so much for others and asked for nothing in return. She was able to try my Ororo coat on while I was home (West Virginia) for her father’s funeral and loved how warm it was. ❤️"


39. From Mark to David

"This would be a great heated jacket for David. With stage 4 cancer, Chemo ruins the ability to regulate heat. If Ororowear would give David a jacket, it would be life changing. Thanks for considering him in this giveway!"


40. From Doris to Jenn

"Jen, to take your son out in the cold."


41. From Kevin to Robyn


"Too cold at the bus stop hoping to catch the connection to the university."


42. From Jessica to Raymond

Jessica to Raymond

"Raymond, because he spends so much time outdoors all year long!"


43. From Jason to Danielle

"Danielle could really use a nice warm jacket for when she is out playing in the cold with her three daughters! She is out with them a lot and also works at a car dealership where she needs to often go outside. A new warm jacket would be just what Santa ordered to keep this amazing mother warm this year!" 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👩‍👧⛸🛷☃️❄🔥


44. From Ashley to Juliana


"We are all cold all the time and these are the vests we need!"


45. From Willie to Terina

"Terina needs that jacket 🧥 , because it’s going to be well below zero very cold 🥶 this jacket 🧥 will keep the both of us WARM!"


46. From Ariane to Myriam


"I will like to Myriam get choose!! She pass difficult time lately and work on a cold environment here in Quebec, Canada. Where the temperature get extreme. Thanks for this contest 🙂"


47. From Elizabeth to Shelley

"Shelley needs a warm jacket for her dog walking."


48. From Courtney to Brian

"This would be perfect for Brian! Every time it snows he takes care of our neighbors' driveways for them. He is such a selfless gentleman that deserves a little something in return. ❤️"


49. From Stephanie to Martin

"My husband fishes in snow and blizzards. He says it's the best time"


50. From Kim to Casandra

"She is always helping everyone out. Let's help her out."


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