Why A Heated Vest Is Perfect for You?

The versatility of heated vests allows you to wear them alone or layered with a jacket at football games, walking your dog or cross-country skiing. If you work in a cold office, or are outdoors frequently in the cold, our vests will be your go-to outerwear. Benefit from ORORO’s advanced technology!

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This morning i went outside and for the first time since I was diagnosed with Raynaud disease 7 years ago, i could stay more than 5 minutes outside without crying and that is at -20°C !! Thank you Ororo!

Benoit B.

This jacket is one that I've been looking at forever, and it exceeded all of my expectations upon receiving it, and trying it on! Thank you for creating this amazing jacket! 

Aira C.

Today is first day my husband needed to use his vest, as the weather has turned cold and windy. He said with the new battery the vest heated up quickly and he is feeling the warmth. The people who responded to my inquiry were most helpful; we could not have asked for better service. 

Laura H.