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5200 mAh Rechargeable Battery
ORORO Battery B19G It is featuring an upgraded design with rounded corners that makes the battery more comfortable in your pocket. Take advantage of a faster preheating time using the only battery specifically designed for all ORORO heated apparel. Longer Battery...
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Apparel Battery Charger - 5V2A
100V-240V worldwide voltage. (100V-240V/ac) Input: 100-240V-50/60Hz 0.3A; Output: 5V/2A UL/CE certified Suitable for ORORO 5200 mAH rechargeable battery
B22A Rechargeable Battery For Heated Gloves/Mittens/Scarf
Curved battery shape and rounded corners for enhancing comfort. UL/CE certified High Capacity: 7.4V 2000mAh Input (Micro): DC 5V/2A; Output (DC): 7.4V/2A Weight: 3.63oz/pc Dimensions: 3.01" x 2.11" x 0.8"  
5V3A Dual Battery Charger For B22A Battery
100V-240V worldwide voltage (100V-240V/ac)  RoHS/CE certified  Suitable for B22A batteries

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