Heated Accessories to Stay Warm While Traveling

It’s time to pack your bags and head off on the next adventure. Whether you’re packing up your RV or boarding a flight, ORORO has just the right gear to keep you warm. Here are some of our favorite accessories to keep you nice and cozy so you can focus on the fun ahead.


Heated Seat Cushion

Whether you’re feeling chilly in the car, an RV, or waiting at the airport — ORORO’s heated seat cushion will do the trick. (This cushion is TSA-friendly. Remove the battery from the cushion and pack into your carry-on bag.)

The comfy memory foam molds to your body and works with the six heated zones to evenly distribute warmth. Bonus: it’s easy to pack, carry, and clean so that won’t slow you down.


Heated Hand Warmer

Wave cold hands goodbye. If you’re hanging around the campsite or taking a break while you’re hitting the slopes, the heated hand warmer is sure to keep your hands nice and toasty warm.

The soft fleece is enough to keep you warm but you can turn it up a notch by using the three carbon fiber heated elements. Choose the design that matches your style: yellow, black, or Mossy Oak’s Country DNA camouflage.


heated scarf

ORORO’s heated scarf is a great additional layer to keep you extra warm. It comes in a soft gray or baby pink color to add an extra pop of color when you’re walking the dog.

The scarf has a large heated middle panel and you can pick one of the three heat settings to make sure it’s just right. Perfect for when you’re waiting to be picked up at the airport or out on a hike at your destination.


Make sure you’re warm throughout your whole trip by packing extra batteries. Our batteries come in handy — it’s always good to have an extra battery (or two) when traveling.

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