Meet the ORORO Squad

We are so excited to gather together with people from all walks of life to share their wonderful life and experience. They are ordinary people, but they are extraordinary for their passion in life, their persistence when faced with challenges, and their love and caring for others. They will continue to share the love and warmth in their journey with ORORO. Let's meet the ORORO Squad!

Hottest Member of The Month

Hottest Member of The Month

ORORO Australia

Jeff Lapalme

Hello, I'm Jean-Francois, but most people call me "Jeff". I'm originally from Montreal Canada but I moved north of Boston over 20 years ago. I am an avid runner, skier, and outdoor enthusiast. If you want to find me, don't look in front of the TV because you will find me outside.

I'm an automation engineer and I spend plenty of time in front of a computer, so as soon as I have a moment I try to escape to the open-air, even if it's just to walk with my dog or to sit on the sideline watching my kids play a soccer game.

I love pretty much anything that makes me experience the fresh crisp air on my face. I love the cold weather, but I don't like to "be" cold 😉 and that's why Ororo is the perfect apparel fit for all my activities.

Meet the ORORO Squad
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