Women's History Month Spotlight - Women in Photography

It’s March and that means it’s a time to do what we should do every single day of every month: honor and herald the immense contributions that women have had throughout history and overall impact on society. It’s Women’s History Month! We wanted to spotlight some of our own customer stories with some historical tidbits relevant to their occupations or journeys. First up: women in photography.

A little bit of HER-story

There has never been a time in photography’s history where women HAVEN’T been involved. Women worked and supported the inventor and pioneers of the skill, as well as being behind the camera themselves. Constance Talbot and Anna Atkins were the first women photographers and were instrumental in helping develop photography methods that impact how we shoot photos today.


By the early 1900s, the field of photography exploded with an increase in women, especially during a period where women weren’t allowed to work. A woman's touch on an overwhelmingly male field forever impacted the creative parts of photography forever.


To this day, photography as a career is still dominated by men with there being only a handful of women photographers in sports, while female photojournalists are held back when needed on potentially hazardous stories. But the women who continue their necessary work despite the challenges are heroes. They’re creating art, history, narratives, visual therapy and more for the world to consume. We salute all women in taking on the challenge!


On the Job with Jen

Jen Lowery has been taking photos and using ORORO products for awhile now and we decided to chit chat with her about her work and how our products help out when it’s a bit too cold outside.


“I started wearing my heated jacket to work because as an event photographer, movie premieres and award shows are usually outside and the press is the last to get a heat lamp! So wearing the jacket has helped not only keep me warm but saved me from wearing big bulky jackets that are hard to work in,” Jen said.


Most award shows happen during the fall and winter months, so we can imagine just how uncomfortably chilly it can get and on top of that, enduring it for hours at a time. Everyone loves their job to a certain extent but it’s always nice to have added comfort in your day-to-day life. But it’s not just events, Jen has to contend with weather-wise.


“Working outside you never know what elements you’ll encounter, when the winds will kick up, how cold it will get when the sun goes down. I keep my jacket in the car at all times and I always have a battery charged,” she explained. “Being a photographer, it’s important to have all your batteries charged and I see my ORORO heated jacket as part of my gear now.”


A powerful thing about women...when the going gets tough (or freezing cold, in this case), women find ways to adjust no matter what. Using every resource at their disposal to get what needs to be done, done. The perfect message for Women’s History Month!





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