Warm Up Your Toes with ORORO's New Heated Socks

Feet aren’t meant to be cold. Can you imagine all the things you could physically accomplish without worrying about your freezing toes? We’ve heard your feedback and we’ve worked hard to make sure we could make this work and we did it!

Your ORORO team is proud to announce our New Heated Socks in two colors, orange and black!

ORORO Heated Socks


Keep Your Toes Toasty

Our new heated socks, like all of our heated products, let you choose from three heating levels (140 ℉ on high, 130 ℉ on medium, 110 ℉ on low) at the simple press of the button on top of the sock’s battery. For the first time ever, you can finally decide the temperature of your feet!

Our heated socks are made with COOLMAX® Technology, making them soft, lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking, which means your feet will not only be warm but they’ll stay dry against whatever odds you throw up against them. Cold, sweaty feet? Not a problem with our heated socks!


ORORO Heated Socks


Made With Your Comfort in Mind

We know the biggest question you may have is “how much does the battery take up space?” The 3500 mAH batteries for our heated socks are ultra-slim and sit outside of the calf so you’ll barely notice they’re there. Warmth and comfort is our number one priority when carefully creating our products, so ease of wear is always at the top of our minds.

These are literally perfect for ANY time of year, whether you have the heat on or not! If you’re someone who works outdoors frequently, these Heated Socks will be a game-changer for you. Enjoy outside sports even when it’s 20 degrees out? Your feet will no longer freeze with this amazing product!

The carbon-fiber heating element is located on the sole of the foot which is THE perfect spot for stimulating that blood flow and keeping your entire foot warm. It’s a no-brainer that you should already have these socks in your cart. What are you waiting for? Your feet are freezing!

Pre-order now: https://www.ororowear.com/products/heated-socks

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