How to Create a Backyard Heated Oasis

This year, we’re unable to go to some of our favorite cozy winter spots. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make your very own winter oasis in your backyard! There are several ways to turn your space into the cozy, safe and socially-distanced, and warm winter wonderland.
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5 Reasons Why You Need Heated Socks

Socks are not the first thing in the wardrobe we think of; however, they are an important part of our daily wear. We make our heated socks useful all-year-round so they provide warmth, breathability, and hygiene that keep your feet comfortable all day long. 
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How Our Heated Clothing Changes Lives and Makes Every Day Better

Every single day, we hear a different customer story that warms our hearts. From staying toasty during the harsh cold nights while filming to helping with chronic pain while riding, ORORO has been changing lives and helping people, even in ways we couldn’t have imagined! 
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Santa Gives 50 Free Heated Jackets

Some weeks ago, ORORO gave a special mission to Santa. His mission was to give free heated jackets to 50 really cool friends. But he couldn't do this on his own. The only way he could accomplish this mission was with your help. 
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ORORO Celebrates Women’s History Month and the Women Challenging the Climate

It's Women's History Month and today we want to highlight women who work outside in the cold every day. 

"This year, I stumbled upon your ORORO heated coat! It was a game changer. The weather was hitting between 0 -18 degrees Fahrenheit and I outlasted all the men with my heated jacket under my coveralls.” Tracy Wellen, residential contracting business owner.

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How ORORO Heated Apparel Is Changing Our Customers' Lives

ORORO’s mission has been to help you take back control over the weather and to not let the climate dictate your life and your plans. With innovative heating technology, our battery-heated clothing continues to warm up even the coldest customers. Over these last few years, our heated apparel mission has united a bright, fun-loving group of people we call our ORORO family. We’ve highlighted some of their stories here.
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Using OROROwear in the Wedding Photography Business

By Cara Bartelme, Wild Earth Weddings 

As an elopement and engagement photographer based in Colorado, a state known for its breathtaking mountain views, I work 100% of the time outdoors in all types of weather. I am hired by couples who have a deep love for the outdoors and want to exchange their vows in a place that reflects those values. I use ORORO Heated Apparel to maintain my own comfort in cold weather shooting situations and to ensure my clients have a great experience during their shoot.

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Exploring Mount Charleston in ORORO Heated Apparel

Mount Charleston in Nevada really is quite beautiful this time of year. And if you know Nevada, that’s a very BRIEF period of time. Every other point in the year, there’s no pretty snow capping the top! My colleague, Jacob, and I went for a drive up to the mountains to capture some ORORO apparel photos in the snow before the eventual meltdown comes. 
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