Stay Warm this Fall and Winter with Heated Fleece Apparel

Fleece is a fall and winter favorite, and for good reason. It has excellent insulation properties to keep us warm and cozy. While we love fleece as it is, we’ve taken this seasonal staple and brought it to the next level. With internal heating, fleece becomes the ultimate sidekick in helping you stay warm during chilly weather. 

fleece heated jacket

Why Heated Fleece is Awesome

Like we mentioned, fleece is already known for its comfortable and warm properties. Fleece is the go-to for many of us when we feel a chill and while it does a solid job on its own, it doesn’t compare to possibilities of heated fleece.

Even if you layer up, a chill eventually seeps through when you’re out tailgating on a cloudy fall day or working outdoors. With heating elements built in, heated fleece keeps the cold at bay so you can stay comfortable, warm, and focused on what matters.

Choosing the Right Heated Fleece Apparel

With a variety of options, you may not know where to begin in choosing the right heated fleece style for you. The good news is, there is something for everyone. We’ve broken down our heated fleece apparel styles so you can confidently decide on the fit for you. 

Most Protective

Men’s Heated Fleece Jacket

Ororo Men’s Heated Fleece Jacket

Our Men’s Heated Fleece Jacket is the perfect fleece outerwear for fall and winter.

This is a great fleece outerwear option for those who frequent the outdoors, whether walking to work, working outdoors, or enjoying outdoor sports and recreation. With a full zip and elastic hems, this heated jacket seals in the heat without restricting your range of motion.

The fleece lining also helps lock in warmth and keep things comfortable for up to 10 hours. The Men’s Heated Fleece Jacket features a hip-length regular fit and it’s perfect to wear on its own in the fall and underneath a parka in the winter. Choose from three heating levels and start feeling the warmth in seconds.

Women’s Heated Fleece Jacket

Ororo Women’s Heated Fleece Jacket

Our Women’s Heated Fleece Jacket is the perfect fleece for chilly weather and frosty offices.

This heated fleece jacket is ideal for those who love taking fall hikes, watching Friday night football, or those who work outside year-round. It’s even a suitable choice if you’re one of those people who are constantly running cold, even indoors. 

Fleece lining keeps the warmth in and a carbon fiber heating system heats quickly in seconds. Despite its heat retaining abilities, this jacket remains breathable and easy to move around in, making it foolproof fleece outerwear choice. It’s designed with a regular hip-length fit, a full zip, and elastic hems for extra insulation. 

Perfect for

  • Working outdoors
  • Skiing, snowboarding, and sledding
  • Hiking, hunting, and fishing
  • Commuting

Most Versatile 

Men's Heated Fleece Vest

Ororo Heated Fleece Vest

Fall layering and staying warm is easy with our Unisex Heated Fleece Vest.

For those wanting more versatility and layering options, it doesn’t get better than a heated fleece vest. Our Unisex Heated Fleece Vest layers well over your favorite flannel when it’s time to walk to the dog or even underneath your winter jacket for comfortable warmth.

Like our fleece jackets, our fleece vests feature a comfortable, insulating fleece and quick-heating carbon fiber system with up to 10 hours of warmth. The foldable collar also provides extra warmth when the wind is nipping at your ears and neck. Mix and match confidently with our fleece vest to stay warm in a variety of weather conditions. 

Perfect for

  • Cold offices
  • Golfing
  • Walking the dog
  • Staying warm before and after a workout

Most Comforting

Unisex Heated Fleece Hoodie

Ororo Heated Fleece Hoodie

Cozy and comfortable, our Heated Fleece Hoodie is a heated apparel staple.

Hoodies are a classic comfort item. What makes them even more comfortable? Built-in heating that warms in a matter of seconds. Like our heated fleece vest, the Unisex Heated Fleece Hoodie is a fall layering staple. Thick and soft fleece keeps you warm and cozy both indoors and out. From roasting marshmallows at a fall bonfire to building a snowman, our heated fleece hoodie is the ultimate source of comfort, warmth, and versatility.

A relaxed fit allows you to layer this hoodie over your favorite tee or thermal with unrestricted movement. Wear it under a jacket for insulated warmth at your choice of three heating levels. It’s even the perfect choice for cozying up on the couch and watching your favorite Halloween or Holiday movies.

Perfect for

  • Cold offices
  • Relaxing at home
  • Running errands
  • Layering under coats

Whether you work outdoors, are a tailgating regular, work in a chilly office, or enjoy fall and winter outdoor recreation, heated fleece is a must-have staple. Commit to a fleece jacket if you're a regular outdoorsmen or choose a hoodie or vest if you want versatility and layering options. Whichever heated fleece style you choose, one thing remains the same: you’ll stay warm and comfortable no matter where you go.

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