Our Most-Loved Items to Give For Valentine’s Day

Show them you love the easiest and coziest way possible. With ORORO’s finest heated clothing, of course! Nothing says “I love you” than wrapping them up in the warm, cozy embrace of an ORORO heated jacket or hoodie!


1. A Royal Purple.

If she already has the classic heated jacket but is yearning for a splash of color our Women’s Heated Jacket now comes in purple and black! With thousands of colors available, why purple? Purple is the color of royalty, nobility, power, wisdom and peace...a hue fit for a Queen!

 Purple and Black Jacket


2. Warm Up Those Hands

She’s not going to want to hold your hand if they’re freezing cold, right? Our Heated Gloves and Heated Mittens are serious game-changers for lovers who just want to hold hands during a wintry moonlight stroll. Our gloves and mittens are uniquely outfitted with heating systems that will make sure those fingers are nice and toasty for optimum cuddling. 


Unisex Heated Gloves


3. Totally Deserved! 

He works HARD outside, in unforgivable weather conditions, so he definitely earned the amazing Valentine’s Day gift you’re about to give him: our Heated Padded Jacket. Not just perfect for keeping him nicely snug and warm while on the job but also gives him the opportunity to actually have some FUN while he’s outdoors. He can go camping or indulge in extreme sports or go on a hike with you...finally.


4. Fit For Two

Now lovebirds everywhere can enjoy couples activities like horseback riding, golfing, ice skating, walks on the beach, etc with our Heated Fleece Jackets! They’re warm, they’re comfy, they’re soft, everyone loves them and best of all, you can each have your own but there’s always room to snuggle underneath.


5. Press the Button for Comfort

Nothing says “I love you,” like the light of this power button! Most of our Heated Vests and Jackets and other apparel come with a power button that lights up and changes color with each heating level. That light equals coziness! Show them you care enough to keep them warm on the coldest of nights with our heated clothing.

Men Heated Vest

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