ORORO’S Camping Essentials Checklist for Beginners

There’s nothing like being out in the great outdoors with friends and family. From the beautiful scenery to staying cozy by the fire, camping is a great way to connect with nature.

Before you head out, we want to make sure you have everything you’ll need to enjoy your trip. Here is a list of some gear you will need to make this the best camping experience possible.

First Aid Kit

Outdoor equipment

Safety first! When heading out into the woods, you should expect the unexpected. Always have a first aid kit handy just in case of any injuries. Invest in a full outdoor kit with plenty of bandages and equipment for everyone on the trip.

Place to Rest

A tent is a huge necessity. You want to sleep comfortably and be protected from the elements. Things to consider when looking for a tent, the number of:

  • Doors (two is ideal)
  • Windows for ventilation (3 is ideal?)
  • People using the tent, in order to pick the right size 
  • Conditions you’re using it in (summer and winter tents are different)

Plus, consider ease of use, how long it will take to put up and break down, and any other additional features you may need.


Men heated down vest

Our heated down vest will have you feeling like you’re wrapped in a warm blanket all day — without the extra bulk of course. This lightweight vest (available in womens and mens) is perfect for staying warm and keeping your hands free. Bonus: it’s water resistant, so it will still hold up if there’s rain in the forecast.


You always want to leave the camp area just as you found it or even better — so make sure you pick up after yourself. Invest in a portable/reusable trash can that can be sealed. Depending on where you’re camping and what season, bears could be around. Nothing attracts bears like food being left out. 

Choose Your Lights

When the sun goes down, you will still need to see. Headlights that you can wear, a lantern, or even string lights around the campsite can be used to light the area around you and the path ahead.

Repel Bugs

Nobody wants bugs around. Bug spray for yourself and fellow campers is a must. Take it a step further by using bug repellent products around the campsite, like citronella candles and bug zappers. Let’s keep those bugs away.


heated seat cushion

Our heated seat cushion will keep you warm on the way to the campsite (“Perfect for the car,” said one ORORO reviewer on our site) and all throughout your trip.

Get ready for maximum comfort, our heated seat cushion is made with memory foam that molds to your body in response to heat and pressure. This evenly distributes body weight to ensure the seat is as comfortable as it is warm.


5200 mAh rechargeable battery

One thing to always remember when packing for the outdoors: be prepared. Nothing says preparation like packing one (or a few) extra batteries for the trip. Our rechargeable battery fits perfectly in your pocket and has super fast preheating time.

Mealtime Basics

Fuel up for the adventure by eating healthy and filling meals. A camp stove and cookware is a must for making your meals outdoors. Be careful not to overpack cookware. You won’t need your whole kitchen but just a few pots and pans to make meals for everyone. Remember: don’t forget to pack utensils too. Avoid disposable utensils and plates, as they can create litter very quickly.


heated hand warmer

Waiting for the fire to get going? You don’t have to have cold hands while you wait, our hand warmer has you covered. The wind and water resistant shell protects from wind and rain, which means you can stay warm no matter the weather.

It’s even great for sharing. “I bought this warmer as something to share with others if they come unprepared to outdoor events (camping, etc.),” said one ORORO reviewer. “This way you don’t have to worry about fit for various people.” 


buffalo unisex heated gloves

Keep your hands warm while you’re out exploring or gathering supplies for the campsite. These gloves are touchscreen compatible (in case you need to use GPS) and have a non-slip palm so you won’t have to worry about things slipping out of your hands.

Now you’re ready to head out! Let’s see how you sport your ORORO gear. Tag us @ororo.wear on Instagram for a chance to be featured. Don’t forget to leave a review!

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