ORORO’s 2019 Holiday Gift-Giving Guide for Everyone in Your Life

‘Tis the season to spread joy and warmth via wearable technology to all your friends and family. It’s officially gift-giving season and if you’re at a loss for what to get the person in your life, we have lots of heated clothing solutions for you below!


For the tailgater in your life…

 heated fleece for tailgtaing


They’ll need something cozy, warm, soft and breathable to allow room for food and beer, for throwing the football around and generally having a blast at their tailgate. We’re talking about our very first Fleece Heated Jacket for men and women. This spin on our classic Heated Jacket is timeless and perfect for either layering under a coat for colder tailgates or wear it solo for milder game days. 


For anyone who’s obsessed with winter sports…


ORORO Heated Gloves

You know the one, all over Instagram on one snowy mountain or the other, chasing fresh powder where they can get it. Snowboarding, skiing, it doesn’t matter, they’re into all sorts of extreme winter sports. We highly recommend our Sports Heated Jacket, made from our classic soft-shell fabric that keeps all generated heat, while your body heat does the rest of the work. Pair that nicely with our Heated Gloves, a 3-in-1 versatile pair of gloves that will keep that athlete warm all day.

For those that work outdoors every day…


3-in-1 heated gloves

They work hard, they EARNED the right to be warm while they tackle their tasks in the brisk winter weather. Treat them right with our Heated Padded Jacket, a heavyweight that allows for mobility while keeping them warm as long as necessary. Add our Heated Gloves on top of that and they will never have to worry about freezing in below zero temperatures again.

For the power walker…


ORORO Heated Fleece Vest

This person is full of energy and endorphins from power walking and being active every day and they simply REFUSE to let the weather tell them when to go inside. That’s why we know our Heated Fleece Vest and Heated Mittens will be the best combination for them! Our Fleece Vest is so soft and the best heated apparel to put over activewear while on the go. Complete the outfit with our super toasty Heated Mittens!


For someone who recently moved to a cold-weather state…


Heated Parka

Our Heated Parka will cure those shivers right up! We can imagine moving from sunny California, hot Florida or some tropical place to a cold, wet Midwest or East Coast state can be quite a culture shock. But we’ve got this covered. Our heated apparel can ease their transition from warm weather warrior to cold weather champion in no time!

For the person who is always cold…


ORORO Heated Hoodie

We all know that person right? The one who can’t seem to get warm, doesn’t like to be near a fan, hates when the AC is on and is especially miserable in the winter. Well, you can cure those winter blues right up with our Heated Fleece Hoodie, a thick, soft delight that will feel like a heated hug from a friend.

For someone who already has ORORO but needs something else…


ORORO Power Bank

They’re the ORORO expert but you just know there’s something else you can get for them right? We agree! We always encourage getting extra batteries so their heated clothing is always heated and keeping them warm. We also recommend getting them our amazing Heated Gloves or Mittens! Winter can be brutal on our hands, why not protect them properly?

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