ORORO Gives You One Less Thing To Stress About While Traveling

heated jacket


Traveling for the holidays is stressful and that’s putting it MILDLY. I’m going to take one worry off your plate right now…you can FLY WITH YOUR ORORO HEATED APPAREL. On our way to Cleveland, Ohio, I knew it would be FREEZING so I made sure to bring my ORORO Heated Jacket with me for when I got off the plane. I was a little worried because I had never flown with my heated jacket or the batteries before and TSA is already a nightmare to deal with.

Turns out I had nothing to stress out about! All I had to do was go through TSA normally, place my jacket in a bin, send it through and I didn’t even have to take out either of my batteries! No hiccups, no bag check, just completely easy. I’m so thankful that I didn’t have to risk being in Ohio without my heated jacket because of TSA!

Just a few additional tips to keep in mind when travelling with your ORORO heated apparel.

  • Make sure to carry any and all ORORO batteries WITH you, do NOT check it. Lithium-Ion batteries are carry-on items only.
  • Our heated apparel CAN be worn through the TSA Pre-Check security scanner without having to take it off, however the battery MUST come out of the pocket

heated jacket


Stepping outside for the first time in the cold climate was like an ice cold punch to the chest. I’ve never run to a rental car faster in my life. But then I remembered…I have a heated jacket for a reason! As soon as I put it in preheat mode, my body instantly started to warm up. I’ve only worn my jacket a handful of times but I am genuinely and pleasantly surprised every time with how quickly it heats up.

I kept the jacket on High the entire trek through the parking lot to find our rental car and once we got in, I switched to Medium because the heat was on in the car. Once we were on our way I kept it on Low until I arrived at my mom’s house! Any Midwesterner reading this that doesn’t have something from ORORO Heated Apparel, all I have to ask is…why not?

Too often, people on the East Coast and in the Midwest have to sacrifice a LOT just to live in the colder months of the year. ORORO makes it easy to live NORMALLY during that time. Why do you think the tagline is “Challenge the Climate”? Because that’s what these apparel pieces give you the option to do!

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