How to Stay Warm in a Cold Office

women's heated suit vest - ORORO

Have you ever been so excited to start a new job and walk into the office on your first day, sit down at the desk and realize it’s one of those corporate offices that has the air conditioning all the way down at 55 degrees? Or maybe it’s 87 degrees, sunny, humid and hot outside but you have to layer up with multiple blankets, cardigan sweaters and, if you’re hardcore like Gina Linetti in Brooklyn 99, have a space heater underneath your desk?


It’s been proven time and time again that certain people are more affected by the cold than others and that being that cold while you're working can actually make you LESS productive. Not everyone has this sensitivity however so you end up having to make do. Well, we’re here to tell you: not anymore!

ORORO Wear has an amazing line of heated clothing specifically created for women. You know what that means? That means it’s stylish AND functional. We know sometimes that other heated clothing brands have bulky products made to fit a man or so-called “unisex” but not us! We are inclusive of all body types and want to make sure you stay warm in style.

Most of us work in a professional setting which is why ORORO created a beautiful Heated Suit Vest for women (on sale right now)! This suit vest has everything you need and can go with whatever is in your closet already. It’s machine-washable (yay!) and the battery pack is included. But you can already buy an extra battery pack from if you’re going to have it on high for a full workday. You must always be prepared.

If you’re not a “vest person” and aren’t sure how to style this piece, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with 3 ways to style this must-have item:


Beat the Cold With Sparks of Gold

If you’re in a more professional business setting, layering up can be super fun! Add in gold accent pieces to show off that you have a sense of style but can still it appropriate for the office!


Paint the Office Red

A pop of color never killed anybody! Pairing gray and red accessory pieces can help you show off your personality while staying warm and cozy.

The Prettiest in Pink

Calling all the girly girls out there, you can still rock your cute skirts and pretty heels with this vest. This means you can finally wear short sleeves in the office again!

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