How ORORO Helps Me Stay Warm For My Kids’ Winter Activities

heated clothing for the whole family

Every day, our team hears stories from customers about how wearing ORORO heated apparel has improved the quality of their lives at home, at work and, at school. One of our ambassadors, Claudia C. was kind enough to share her experience with us! 

Q: How long have you been wearing ORORO apparel?

A: I first bought the socks and the gloves last year during Black Friday last, and then right after I ordered the Heated vest.

Q: What's your favorite style or item to wear?

A: Definitely the Heated Vest and the Heated Fleece Jacket

Q: How has wearing heated clothing helped you with your kids outdoor/winter activities?

A: Let's just say that I don't leave the house without my heated was a game changer! In Massachusetts, weather changes easily and we can have cold mornings even in  Spring/Summer, so, since you never know what to expect, I always have my Heated vest with me! Since I got it, I can finally relax and enjoy a soccer game without shaking because I am too cold! Best part is the heated part around the neck, it's like having a massage while watching a soccer game! 

No. 1 Mom Necessity

Parental duties are 24/7, all-year-round, which includes the coldest months. Being there for every game even in inclement weather can be a tough task for parents but heated clothing options have eased that burden.

Q: What was your winter style like pre-heated clothes?

A: Cold! I usually keep a blanket in the car, but it's not the same thing! The heated vest not only keeps you warm, but it relaxes your muscles too.

Q: Are you involved in outdoor activities personally? Tell us about it.

A: I run and ride outdoors until it gets too cold. During winter, I ski and ice skate (for fun), and I usually wear my vest, gloves, and socks for those activities. In the summer,  I like to paddle board too. I bought the Fleece Jacket for my daughters too, because it is perfect for horseback riding during the cold months.

Also, I am a preschool teacher and because of Covid we try to spend as much time as possible outside. I am now known as The Teacher with the Heated Vest because I wore it all last year! It was amazing and the kids were entertained by the light on it!

Perfect Heated Gear for Teachers

Being a teacher and a full-time soccer mom has its daily challenges but Claudia meets each day with a warm smile, powered by heated gear. That also attracts other parents, who are curious about the light on her clothing.

heated apparel ambassador

Q: Do other parents ask about your heated apparel when you have it on? What do you say to them?

A: I usually start talking about my vest or jacket when I see another parent freezing! 😂 If they ask questions, I explain how they work and I have them feel how warm they are! If they express interest, I let them know I am an ambassador and I tell them I have a discount code.

You can be an influential member of your community too! Join Claudia and apply to become an ambassador or a member of our Toasty Club.

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