How Heated Apparel Can Help You Boost Your Performance in Winter Sports in Australia

As winter approaches, many Australians look forward to participating in various winter sports, such as skiing, snowboarding, ice skating or watching games. However, the cold temperatures can make it difficult to perform at your best or enjoy the game. That's where heated apparel comes in. In this article, we'll explore how heated apparel, specifically ORORO Heated Apparel, can help you stay warm and perform better during winter sports in Australia.

How Cold Weather Affects Performance

Cold weather can have a significant impact on the body and can cause a loss of performance. The body tries to maintain its core temperature by restricting blood flow to the extremities, which can lead to a decrease in mobility and coordination. Additionally, cold temperatures can cause muscle stiffness and reduce reaction times. Therefore, it's important to maintain body temperature during winter sports to ensure optimal performance.

What Is Heated Apparel & How Does It Help

Heated apparel is clothing that is equipped with heating elements. Heating elements produce heat that is evenly distributed throughout the clothing, providing warmth to the wearer. Heated clothing can be powered by batteries or USB chargers, and it can be adjusted to different temperature levels. 

What Is ORORO Heated Apparel

ORORO Heated Apparel is a leading and trusted US-based brand that specializes in designing affordable heated apparel suitable for all lifestyles. The product range includes heated jackets, vests, hoodies, pants, gloves, hand warmer, etc, integrated with durable and safe heating elements powered by certified rechargeable batteries. ORORO’s mission is to provide dependable and timeless heated outerwear that meets high standards of quality, safety, and affordability, ensuring warmth and comfort when in use and making it possible for everyone to enjoy outdoor activities during the cold weather, regardless of their interests or hobbies.

How To Choose The Right Heated Apparel For Different Winter Sports

  • Skiing: Stay warm and shred the gnar with the ORORO Classic Heated Jacket (Men and Women), the ultimate choice for skiing in chilly Australian winters. This jacket boasts a soft shell fabric exterior and detachable hood for optimal warmth and comfort, while its water and wind-resistant material lets you move freely. With 3 carbon fiber heating elements and 3 adjustable settings, the jacket generates heat across core body areas for up to 10 hours on a single charge. Plus, the battery comes with a USB port for charging devices on the go. 


  • Snowboarding: ORORO's Fargo Heated Flip Top Mittens are perfect for snowboarding in Australia. The mittens feature durable heating elements over the front and back of the fingers and back of the hand, while PrimaLoft insulation provides outstanding thermal performance. The anti-slip silicone palm offers a better grip, and the adjustable cuffs and water-resistant coating provide extra protection from the elements. With up to 7 hours of heat on a single charge and a compact storage clip, these mittens are a must-have for any snowboarder hitting the slopes in Australia.


  • Ice Skating: Ice skating is a graceful and challenging winter sport that requires a lot of balance and coordination. However, cold temperatures can make it challenging to perform at your best. That's where the ORORO Quilted Heated Vest (Men and Women) comes in handy. The lightweight vest features sustainable FELLEX insulation and a water-resistant shell to keep you warm and protected from the elements. With four carbon fiber heating elements over the upper back, left and right pockets, and collar, you can generate heat across core body areas, ensuring you stay warm and comfortable during your ice skating session. Keep your hands warm too with the vest's dual pocket heating zones.


  • Watching Games: When watching winter sports games in Australia, staying warm is crucial. The ORORO heated seat cushion is the perfect choice for those cold and uncomfortable stadium seats. The cushion features memory foam for comfortable support and non-slip grip dots at the bottom to keep it in place without the need for ties. The seat cushion also includes six safe and durable heating elements that cover the entire seating area. You can enjoy up to 11 hours of warmth with a ORORO Mini 5K battery. In addition to the heated seat cushion, ORORO's Heated Hand Warmer is the perfect winter game watching accessory. With its large heating area and premium insulation, your hands will stay warm and cozy in even the coldest of temperatures. Pair it with the heated seat cushion for the ultimate winter game watching combo, ensuring you stay warm and comfortable all game long.


Don't let the chill get in the way of your winter sports fun in Australia. ORORO Heated Apparel has got you covered with their innovative heating technology, ensuring you stay cozy and perform at your best. Whether you're into skiing, snowboarding, ice skating or simply watching winter sports games, there's a perfect heated apparel option waiting for you.

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