Here's Why ORORO Heated Apparel is the Best Pick

 classic men's heated jacket

Think of us like the little engine that could. We started small in our hometown and are now growing at a rapid rate with crazy, cool partnerships.. But that didn’t just happen overnight; we were empowered by our customers, who were empowered by us, to challenge the climate every day.. If you’re still letting the cold dictate your life, ask yourself “why”? Why not improve every day of your life with a piece of ORORO heated apparel

We’re the brand your aunt, your neighbor, your bestie, your kid’s teacher, your manager recommends. We’re the gift people give their loved ones during the holidays. We’re the brand people are proud to advertise on their chests. We’re the brand people associate with genuine feelings of warmth and comfort. That’s because we believe in giving everyone power over their own environment.

Let’s break down why we’re THE heated apparel brand you should try first, fall in love with, and stick with forever.

Quality is in the Details

women's heated parka with faux fur

We know we’re not the only heated apparel company out there, but that hardly matters when our products come stacked with specs like:

  • An array of market-leading, compact batteries—including our apparel, gloves, and socks battery—that provide heat for up to 10 hours
  • Strategically placed carbon fiber heating zones created to generate lasting heat
  • Apparel batteries that can double as a power bank for electronics
  • Exceptional warmth-giving insulating fabrics like THERMOLITE® and moisture-wicking COOLMAX®

Wearable technology is cool and all, but if it’s not functional or helping improve your daily life, there’s no purpose to it. We created every single product of ours to make your days and nights a little easier.

Pricing that People Love

heated gloves starting at a low price

We’re one of the better, if not the best, priced heated clothing brands on the market with the highest quality possible. Time and time again, customers come back to us after trying and returning other brands, saying they’re just not worth the cost for the quality. ORORO’s affordability is one of the biggest reasons we’re a trusted brand for people to go to.

Made for Every Day, Any Day

heated fleece vest for men and women

One of our key points that we repeat over and over again is that we’re a brand for every day of your life. We want you to wear ORORO and feel empowered to challenge the climate and your environment however you want to.

  • Taking the dog out for a long walk on a chilly day? Check.
  • Grabbing a cup of coffee? Check.
  • Sitting in a freezing cold office space? Check.
  • Shoveling the snow with your kids? Check.
  • Lounging by a fire? Check.
  • Brunch with the squad? Check.
  • Running errands around town? Check.

So many other competitors’ products are made primarily for working outdoors in harsh weather conditions so they’re often stiff and thicker, not leaving a lot of room for mobility. No matter the scenario, ORORO has your back...and your arms and your hands and feet! 

First-Time Customers Become Lifelong Fans

heated apparel that customers love

Numerous customers over the years have become diehard, loyal members of the ORORO family because of our commitment to not just excellent products, but also superb customer service. We could keep talking about ourselves, but sometimes it’s better to just let our fans speak for themselves.

“ORORO’s products are amazing. I lost a bunch of weight and am so cold all the time now. ORORO has provided an incredible solution. Their customer service and promise of a solid product is exceptional! I have a vest and a jacket and can’t wait until my next purchase,” Liz A. said in her review on Facebook.

A verified reviewer on Amazon shared their biggest reason for choosing ORORO (same reason as a lot of other customers, we noticed) over other heated apparel brands: the heated elements in the collar. 

“I did a TON of research before deciding on this vest. I was looking for heating elements in the front, the back, AND THE COLLAR. Very few heated vests have heating elements in the collar. And let me tell you, it makes a HUGE difference when you're cold. In addition, the front heating elements are behind the pockets, so you can put your hands in your pockets and warm them quickly.”

Lending a Helping Hand

heated apparel for medical professionals

We’re not just about making sales, though. We’re committed to helping people in their day-to-day lives, whether it’s empowering them to be comfortable during their chemotherapy or feeling warmth despite their Raynaud’s condition. We took it a step further this year by highlighting medical professionals on the frontlines of the pandemic, helping them stay warm with a special discount to keep them comfortable while they’re working in a cold, highly volatile workplace. We’ve also donated items to various hospitals across the country as a thank-you to those brave medical professionals. 

ORORO is about more than just being an awesome, tech-forward heated apparel brand. We want to be the brand that’s a part of your every day, coziest moments. Your warmth is our priority and that, friends, is why we’re the best pick.

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