Give Her Warmth This Mother’s Day: A Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is coming up very, very soon and it’ll likely be spent indoors or around the house, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun for mom! We appreciate all moms for shaping our lives and making us the people we are today. We’ve put together a little gift guide to help you give your mom a big smile this Mother’s Day!

For the Moms who are always cold

Our classic Women’s Heated Padded Vest is a highly-reviewed fan-favorite. "I bought this for my mom who is freezing all the time. It blew her mind! She said it was the best gift ever! She was hot within a minute or two, asking how to turn down the heat (which is adjustable - so awesome), I couldn’t believe it. Highly recommended!” -T.M.

heated padded vest for moms

The Women’s Heated Slim Fit Down Vest is our more fashionable vest option with a detachable hood for all weather conditions. This vest is constructed with a more stylish fit she can go out in, like a brunch with her ladies or just to take the dog around the park.

heated fitted down vest

For the Moms who work outside

We highly recommend the Women’s Heated Fleece Jacket for ultimate comfort, warmth and ease-of-movement when hard at work. “Absolutely love the coat. Keeps me warm at work. The battery stays charged all day.” -Anonymous customer.

heated fleece jacket mother's day

For more intense weather conditions, our Heated Parka is perfect against high winds, freezing temperatures and moisture like snow, sleet, rain, etc. The faux fur is detachable to keep the coat flexible for whatever winter throws her way.

heated parka coat for outdoor winter

For the hockey Moms

Our classic Women’s Heated Jacket is another fan favorite, particularly for hockey moms! (It also comes in purple and black!) "Got this for my mom for Christmas. She's worn it to all sorts of outdoor events and hockey games. It's a hit because it keeps her toasty without being bulky or uncomfortable.” -Miranda C.

heated jacket apparel for women

The Down Vest is also an excellent option for those frequenting hockey games. “FANTASTIC FOR HOCKEY MOMS! I LOVE this vest. It is so warm I hardly have to turn on the heat but when I do it is heaven! Sitting in a cold rink is no problem with this baby on. My hands thank you so much for the heat in the pockets.” -Tiffany W.

heated vest for women

For the outdoorsy Moms

For moms always outside even in the freezing temperatures, we recommend our Heated Socks and Heated Gloves! (Plus Mittens!) Our socks and gloves are made with the highest quality materials aimed to keep moisture and coldness away from her hands and feet. “If you are someone who tends to get cold easily or have any type of arthritis, ORORO is definitely for you!” -S.G.

heated mittens gloves

Moms love to layer up! With that in mind, we recommend our Heated Hoodies, particularly the Fleece gray option. With our heated hoodie, she can layer underneath her outdoor coat before she heads out, to keep her core warm for whatever weather she comes up against.

heated hoodie for women

Have you gotten your mom the gift of heated apparel before? Share a photo and tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for a chance to be featured on our social media channels!

Happy Mother's Day!

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