Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021: Heated Gear Just for Dad

hated vest for dad and road trips

Father’s Day is around the corner. Make this year's holiday the best one yet. Show dad how much you appreciate his life lessons and cheesy punchlines with the gift that keeps on giving—heated apparel. Whether he’s an outdoorsman or just doesn’t like to admit when he’s cold, there’s something for every dad on this list.

For the general outdoorsman 

Whether your dad loves hiking or good old fashioned wood-chopping, these are what will keep him warm so he can enjoy the outdoors to the fullest.

Heated Padded Jacket

padded jacket for men

This jacket is meant for the outdoors! It’s made from Thermolite® fabric, which affords a few awesome things:

  • It’s durable—perfect for regular use and outdoor activity; it’s also water-resistant.
  • It’s lightweight—so he won’t be hindered by bulky weight while he moves around.
  • It’s warm—this fabric provides excellent insulation and temperature control against the elements.

The athletic-inspired wrist cuffs also help keep heat in and the elements out. The detachable hood is great for rainy situations and is easily machine washable. And as always, it has the ORORO warmth with up to 10 hours of working time.

For the sports enthusiast

Whether he likes playing sports or watching them, this is the item to keep dad warm all season long.

Heated Padded Vest

gray padded heated vest for men

Our heated padded vest is the perfect game-day piece. It features a classic “puffy” look, while being extremely lightweight. It’s ideal for layering over flannels, jerseys, or team sweatshirts so he can have a free range of movement while staying warm. 

Plus, our new gray shade is pretty sharp looking, if we do say so ourselves. 

For the hunting fan

We know every guy has their preferred hunting jacket and we would never dare to mess with that sacred piece of fabric. But we can offer something that goes under it. 

Heated Hoodie

red heated pullover hoodie

Layering our heated pullover hoodie underneath his hunting jacket is a surefire way to keep dad warm on those long hunting days. Our hoodies are made from super soft fleece for ultimate comfort without the bulk.  

And if he’s worried about a power light causing distractions on the hunt, we’ve hidden the power button in the pouch pocket, eliminating concerns about flashing lights.

For the one whose 9 to 5 is outside

Sure, many of us work in the relative comfort of the indoors, but not everyone. For those who work outside in construction or the like, here’s how you can help keep them warm on the job. 

3-in-1 Heated Gloves

heated gloves for chopping wood

Our hands are often one of the first parts of our body to feel the cold, even with traditional gloves on. We sought to fix that problem with our 3-in-1 heated gloves. They make working outside in the cold infinitely more pleasant with lasting warmth. 

Since they are 3-in-1, he can layer up with both the internal and external layers when it’s really cold, or opt for either the exterior or the liner on its own.

For the one who won’t admit they’re freezing

How hard is it for your dad to admit he’s freezing or even just a little bit chilly? We’ve got him covered. 

Carbon Nanotube Heated Socks

heated socks for dads

Our new Carbon Nanotube heated socks are the perfect gift for dads who just don’t like to admit when they’re cold. The first in the industry with Carbon Nanotube heating elements, these socks take the warmth all the way to his toes with a flexible, thin u-shaped heating zone.

We’ve also incorporated COOLMAX, a moisture-wicking and exceptionally breathable fabric that pulls sweat away from the skin to keep feet dry and prevent chafing or chilling. Dad can discreetly turn these socks on and stay warm without making a big deal of it. 

For the dog dad

There are no days off for dog dads! Regardless of the temperature, he’s gotta take his best friend on a walk. Here’s how he can stay warm while doing it. 

Heated Pullover Windbreaker

pullover heated windbreaker

Our new windbreaker is the ideal piece to wear when taking Fido on a walk, or even just on a jog on his own. Weighing in at just 15 ounces, this pullover is designed for ultimate lightweight movement and warmth. 

He can store waste bags and treats in any of the 3 spacious pockets and use the stretchable thumbhole cuffs as fingerless gloves to protect his hands if Fido gets a little excited and pulls too hard on the leash.

For the commuter

Going to work doesn’t stop just because it’s cold outside. Here’s how the commuting dad can stay warm on his way to work. 

Heated Down Jacket

heated down jacket for men

Not only does this jacket look great, but it’s super warm. It’s got 750-fill down and added heating in the collar to keep cold winds at bay. The outer shell is also wind and snow-resistant, so commuting stays a dry and warm process. 

The detachable hood is perfect for those rainy/windy/snowy days. 

For every dad

If you can’t decide, there’s always an option that works for everyone. 

Heated Fleece Jacket

heated fleece jacket for men

Our heated fleece jacket is a classic. It can be worn on its own or under heavier coats for added warmth. It’s also transitional to wear both inside and outside. Not to mention it’s made from comfortable fleece that is both breathable and movement-friendly. 

We’ve also got some awesome new colors available in this jacket including army green and red.

Give thanks to dad this Father’s Day with the gift of heated apparel. He’ll stay warm and remember just how much you appreciate him every time he wears it.

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