Fall Back into Cold Weather with Heated Apparel This Season

fall weather heated apparel hoodie

Our favorite season is nearly upon us! Autumn is the superior season for several reasons: crunchy leaves under your feet, pumpkin-flavored coffee, crisp air, apple cider, fall sports, layering up, and so much more. You know what’s the best part of Fall? Staying warm and cozy in heated apparel from head to toe!

Let’s start slow as cold weather creeps in at different times for different places. As the weather cools down and you’re feeling a bit chilly, it’s time for a…

Heated Hoodie

heated hoodie for fall tailgating

The first thing a person usually puts on when it starts to get cold is a sweater or hoodie. Easy to put on, easy to take off and usually comfy enough to move around in wherever you go. But an even better option is one of our soft Fleece Heated Hoodies in black or gray, for all genders. “Worked perfect for my fiancé's days working outside in the cold winter nights! Now that he doesn't have that job anymore, I use it often instead of a robe to keep myself warm! It's super comfy!” Jessica said in her five-star review.

Heated Socks

heated socks at home

The next parts that start to get chilly are your toes and those are usually the hardest to warm up! The best way to combat that is our amazing Heated Socks.  “ORORO socks fit with some mild compression (which is a plus) they are warm even when not activated. I have only used the low setting. They were the perfect temperature throughout the day! I was amazed! My feet never got cold nor did I ever experience sweating. After years of trying products that do not live up to their claims or expectations, I am relieved to have finally spent money on a product that I am able to use without worry.” Jodi shared with us. One of the crucial features of our heated socks is the slim-fit that hugs them to your calves so no heat escapes, keeping your lower extremities toasty.

Heated Vest

heated vest tailgating grilling outside

As the temperature continues to drop, people tend to start layering up in the parts that generate the most heat (chest/neck/shoulders). Vests are people’s usual go-tos for fall weather because they provide comfort and warmth but allow for enough mobility to chuck a football over a buddy’s head. 

And our Heated Vests are the best improvement on this essential fall layer! “I've purchased five of these now, one for me and others as gifts and everyone loves them. My sister goes tailgating for football games and she says it keeps her nice and warm while they are standing out in the parking lot. They're not bulky so they can be worn under a jacket or coat. I usually turn it on low and once it heats up I can usually turn it off as it keeps me nice and warm,” Mary told us about her “cold, northern winters” in her five-star review.

Heated Jacket (Light)

heated fleece jacket

When it gets too cold for the vest, we turn to our jackets to keep us warm as the days get shorter and nights get colder. However the sun is still shining and there’s no hint of snow, so light jackets and windbreakers are typical fare in the fall. We can do you better with our Heated Jackets, classic and Fleece!

“This jacket works amazingly! It had better be really cold or you should be on a motorcycle, if you plan to turn on the heat. It's super warm without it even on. I don't even bother with layers anymore. This coat is more than enough to defeat cold and super-cold weather all by itself,” Joe told us in a verified review.

Heated Jacket (Heavy)

heated parka winter coat

With snow in the sky and our breath turning to chill, it might time to finally break out the heavy hitters. Let’s be real when you need to really beat the freezing cold, no coat made without heating elements is going to cut it. Our Men’s Heated Jacket and Women’s Heated Parka are some of our strongest, warmest contenders for the heated apparel crown.

“Well, get ready to give away all your coats after buying this fabulous coat. It's the only one you'll want to wear. The small size fits perfectly. Heats up fast and is super warm. I usually start on high and turn down. Winter weather doesn't bother me anymore! It's really good looking and I love the big hood and faux fur trim.” Holly B., a fan of our Parka, gave us 5 stars!

Heated Gloves

heated gloves for winter and fall

The last piece of the fall to winter ensemble are gloves or mittens. They’re the cherry on top of the cold weather apparel cake and they should be the best! Our Heated Mittens and Heated Gloves are next-level and can’t be compared to other non-heated gloves. “I’m a skier and I’ve been using the chemical hand warmers, which do a good job but don't last very long, especially when on the top of mountains. I ordered a pair of the ORORO heated mittens and I am impressed! They heat up well for a long time.”

The end of summer isn’t always a sad thing, right? Now, we get to explore every level of chilly weather from fall to winter; prepared for all temperatures and climates with the most comfortable heated clothing on the market! Thanks to your reviews, we’ve earned those bragging rights.

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