5 Things You Can Do Now That You Have a Heated Hand Warmer

Ororo heated warmer

Those of us who live in wintry climates or enjoy traveling to ski resorts know that there is definitely one part of the body that seems to feel the cold first: our hands. What’s worse, we actually need them to do stuff, which becomes difficult when your fingers are numb and stiff. 

Fortunately, hand warmers are a thing. And, no, we aren’t talking about those little packets you buy at the gas station counter that seem to only last a few minutes at most before petering out. 

We’re talking about up to 14 hours of warmth with premium insulation and a weather-resistant shell. That’s right, we’ve created heated hand warmers that actually last. Plus, they have extra room for storing personal items like your phone. 

Now that you’ve got warmth that works, here’s a few things you can do with your heated hand warmer.

Keep an Eye on the Kids Comfortably 

kid in the snow

Kids will be kids. And that means wanting to go outside and play despite the cold. What that means for you is that you also get roped into going outside in frigid temperatures. 

Fortunately, with a heated hand warmer you can watch the kids build snowmen, run around, and do whatever else kids do without having to freeze all your fingers off. You can even store tissues, your phone, or any other small necessities inside.

Enjoy the Game

Kansas City Chiefs winter football playoffs

One of the most popular reasons people look into hand warmers is for game days, whether you’ll be in the stands or just tailgating. The weather waits for no one, so sometimes that means game days are spent in less-than-cozy temperatures. 

Instead of carrying around two strips of short-lived hand warming packets, with a heated hand warmer, you can focus on enjoying the day instead of how cold your hands are. Bonus: You can store your phone and other small personal items. 

Commute Cozily

train in the snow

Those who commute to work via walking and/or public transportation know that the journey is less pleasant in the winter. Since you have no control over the temperature on the bus or train, it can be difficult to spend the ride in comfort. 

Heated hand warmers help you get to the station and endure the ride with more comfort. Dare we say it could even become cozy now that your hands are protected from the elements in a warm haven.

Wait for a Bite Without Worry

winter fishing

Fishing in winter...well...sucks sometimes. When you’re sitting still in the cold, it’s easy for your joints to cramp up, especially in your hands, which makes it difficult to get a grasp on your pole and reel in a catch when you get a bite. 

However, if you can sit with your hands safely inside your heated hand warmer, you’ll be much more comfortable and ready to go when you get a nibble.

Hunt with Happy Hands

winter hunt 

Similar to when you’re out fishing in the winter, hunting season tends to take place in the colder months. That means time spent outside waiting for an opportune moment, while your joints take on the cold. Then, when it’s time to take action, you’re met with painful stiffness.

With heated hand warmers, you can comfortably take advantage of all that hunting season has to offer.

The comfort of our hands is something many of us take for granted, especially once the winter chill numbs our fingers and freezes our joints. Luckily, that discomfort is a thing of the past now that heated hand warmers exist to help us challenge the climate, even in small ways.

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