5 Things to Do in Early Spring in Your Heated Gears

Women's Heated Parka

Listen, we know what kind of brand we are. People mostly wear us when it’s freezing cold outside. And that’s awesome! But we want to share some things you can do in ORORO heated clothing when the weather is transitioning from winter to spring. We have Heated Hoodies and Heated Vests that keep you cozy and warm, whether it's on or off! Here’s five things to do in late winter/early spring in your ORORO heated clothes.

1. Brewery/winery tour with friends (antiquing/thrifting if you’re not a drinker) is a great activity to do when it's still chilly out but it’s warming up. Gather a group of three or more friends and compile a list of places you’d like to go. We suggest picking 3-5 spots all within walking distance (no drinking and driving; try a Rideshare option or at least make sure you have a designated driver) so that you and your friends can move from one place to the next sampling to your heart’s desire. A casual outing like this calls for a Heated Vest! Breweries tend to be cooler indoors, even if it's cold outside, so a Heated Vest over a light sweater or long-sleeve shirt would be perfect.

2. Late morning/early afternoon hikes this time of the year are the best. It’s cool enough where you won’t get sticky or sweaty but the sun is most likely out, giving you natural rays of warmth. Grab a friend or a partner or, better yet, your dog to accompany you on this mini adventure. Don’t forget your Heated Vest! We notice a lot of our ORORO community members sporting the vest over their own hoodies or underneath their jackets when they go on nature walks. Layering with our heated vest is the perfect combination for this transitional season. 

Women's Heated Vest


3. March Madness cookouts! The tournament is going strong, so gather your friends over for an early evening cookout that lasts in the night. We suggest multiple TVs set up, with plenty of seating and surfaces for eating and drinking. If it gets too cool, make sure you have heat lamps available for your buddy who STILL doesn’t have an ORORO item yet. Your ORORO Heated Vest is the perfect fit for this casual but exciting atmosphere. So even as the sun goes down, no need to throw on another layer, just hit the power button to get the heat you need. 

Men's Heated Vest

4. You may have seen this one coming…spring cleaning! Don’t roll your eyes, it’s a physically and mentally necessary annual tradition everyone should partake in! Clean out the gutters, declutter the garage, wash all the sheets, dust every surface, clear out old clothes from your closets, etc. This is a time of transition, of change and new beginnings! While you’re working on your house, keep comfy with our ORORO Heated Hoodie. It’s cozy even without the heat on, thanks to the amazing fleece inner lining. But in case it does get chilly in the garage or basement, hit that power button!

5. Get your garden together! Not only is this a fun activity for you but it can be a family affair too! The ground is probably still cold or frozen in some areas but you can start gathering what you need for your garden. Fruits? Veggies? Purely flora or plants? Make sure you have all your materials and dig in…literally! Our ORORO Heated Gloves will help you out immensely with this activity. You may be thinking heated gloves might be to unwieldy when gardening but you’re forgetting one crucial thing about our gloves: they’re two in one! Simply remove the thicker outer layer and use the inner lining as necessary. Bonus, a Heated Vest or Hoodie would also be great while you work!

Heated Gloves


Hopefully, after reading this, you’ll start to accept that ORORO doesn’t have to just be for autumn and winter, it can be useful any time of the year! We’re always here to help our ORORO community find the right piece for the right adventure in their lives. Keep challenging the climate no matter what the temperature!

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