4 Ways to Wear Your Heated Vest This Spring

heated vests for spring

Spring has arrived, and sunny days are sure to follow. Although many of us are enjoying the increase in temperatures, let’s not forget that spring can be a little unpredictable at first—sometimes going from sunny and warm to cloudy and cold within a week!

Not to mention, the mornings and nights still get chilly even if the days are somewhat warm and bearable.

The best way to fend off any spring chill is by pairing a heated vest with your favorite spring apparel.

Over a Comfy Crewneck or Hoodie

gray heated vest with sweater ootd

Sweatshirts are always a good option. They’re comfy and perfect for that athleisure look. Although you may get away with wearing a sweatshirt on its own during a sunny spring day, a heated vest on top for those cloudy, cooler days is an easy way to keep warm, stay comfortable, and complete your casual look.

With Your Favorite Flannel or Button Down

heated vests with flannel

Flannel isn’t just for fall. It’s also a great transitional item to wear in spring, too. When it’s too chilly to wear flannel on its own, toss your classic heated vest on top for both warmth and effortless style.

On Top of a Thermal or Henley Shirt

heated vest with blouse and jeans

Thermals and henleys make great undershirts during the fall and winter. In spring, they’re lightweight enough to be worn on their own. They can be dressed up or down and match just about anything. Plus, if you get cold, you can toss a heated fleece vest on top for added warmth without restricting movement. 

Under a Windbreaker

heated hooded vest with sweater

Sometimes spring is unpredictable, and temperatures may drop from a nice breeze to a real chill. Instead of having to dig your winter clothes back out, opt to wear your heated vest underneath a spring windbreaker. It’ll help you stay warm, while your top layer keeps out any nippy breezes.

Spring can be a tricky season to dress for, especially in the earlier part of the season. Just because winter is over, doesn’t mean it’s time to put the heated gear away. You can still get plenty of use out of your heated vest as we transition to warmer months. 


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